A new brand representing the hardstyle scene as a whole.

Unfortunately we started off on the wrong foot by presenting you the first part of our branding project without any information surrounding it. We therefor would like to make some clarifications on what this whole thing is about and how it will look for 2019. First of all let’s say that we take your feedback into account, we are going back to the drawing table and think of a new name for sure.

Our respected community

As you all know it is our goal to unite the hardstyle scene across the world through our online Facebook group. We’re a respected group with members that respect each other, each others opinions and respectfully communicate with each other. Because of that we would like to take things one step further and create a brand that surrounds this group of respected people. A brand that represents our scene and everyone that is part of it. We can be proud of who we are and the community that we’ve build together and so should we be proud to be the representation of that.

A little spotlight for one week

Our first steps on working towards this is by starting of with thanking our members for everything that they do for us. We therefor will actually thank one person every week and put him in the spotlight during that week. This means the post he/she won with will get it’s own article on our website and the person will be able to create it’s own Spotify playlist (Updated weekly). The decision of winning is made by the statistics of Facebook itself, therefor it is not an internal decision. Next to the fact that the winner will get it’s own article the winner is supported by interactions from others on his post which will be shown as well.

There are four categories in which a person will be thanked for his/her interactiveness:
– The Contributor: This person made most posts and interactions in the last 4 weeks
– The Content: This post got the most likes in the last 4 weeks
– The Discussion: This post got the most comments in the last 4 weeks
– The Video: This video had the most response in the last 4 weeks

The branding group

As a little extra we are putting these people into the group to discuss different items surrounding the new brand. Because these people are active members of our main group we would like to involve them into some decision making and helping out, think of it as a mastermind group. This should benefit the group as a whole, not just the persons being part of it. As there have been discussions about this group being the first thing that surrounds our new brand. We will discuss if the way this group is set up is how it should be.

More will follow in the upcoming months

Within the upcoming months we will introduce more things surrounding our members. They are the fuel of our engines that we want to cherish and show towards the rest of the world. Some examples are the articles we have been writing lately about submissions to our Forgotten Tracks Friday and our Origins prices. We hope everyone will be enthusiastic to be part of our new brand, everyone in love with hardstyle is welcome! It should benefit our main group and therefor all it’s members! We have never wanted to divide people, our group is here to unite them.