Defqon.1: overpriced or worth every cent?

Last weekend the Defqon.1 member sale went live. Everyone who pre-registered online, had the opportunity to buy their tickets by entering their received code. The automatic waiting line caused a lot of nerves by all people waiting for their precious tickets. 45 minutes into the member sale, Saturday tickets were already sold out…

Festival or Jetset Party?

A few hours after the member sale went live, a topic was opened in our group by Thomas Weijers questioning the increased ticket price of Defqon.1.

“90 euros for a Saturday, 160 for premium and 160 for camping. Is Defqon starting to become a jet set party?”

Here you can go to the post in our group about the increased ticket price.

A part of the community was in agreement about the fact that the tickets got too expensive, but most people had no problem putting their reservations about the pricing aside for ‘the best weekend of the year’.

Another opinion was brought to light by Tjeerd Cornelisse, claiming that a festival has to increase their prices in order to improve the experience every year.

“It has become more expensive because the quality has improved so much! In the past they had tents, dj’s, stages, light, sound and bars. Now so much has been improved and changed, especially parking has become better. At least for 15 euros you can assume that your car is still there! Maybe you’ve seen more “changes” that have made it more expensive?”

If the choice was yours…

What would you prefer? Do you value it if a festival keeps developing in order to create a better experience every year, but with extra costs for the visitors? Or would you rather have a similar experience as the year before, with a stable ticket price that doesn’t increase every year? Let us know in the comments!

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