Weekender Breakfast – What’s the best food to start the day during a weekender?

Last week the hype around Defqon 1. was lit with the brand new info release concept from Q-dance, The Release. Besides all the information that was spread Jorn came up with a great post that is a big part of the weekend struggle. For many this is probably considered the hardest part of weekend festivals, eating (healthy). So Jorn broke the ice and made a topic on Weekender Breakfast

Post by Jorn Meijerink

A footlong Subway sandwich or KFC boneless bucket? Challenge accepted!

With the question, Jorn also made a great suggestion himself as the perfect breakfast. A sandwich from Subway would make Jorn a happy man when waking up after a crazy festival day. Jorn is not the only person that would love to eat a footlong. His suggestion is shared among several members in our group like Manon Schaap, Kareem Verbakel, Dennis Blankena, Jeremy Maas and Linda Folkers.

Subway actually isn’t the only fastfood company being mentioned by several members. Kentucky Fried Chicken and Macdonalds would suit well to gain your energy for a fresh new day. What would you think when waking up to this? It’s funny however that we end up with fastfood for breakfast at a weekend festival, which is not worth a lot for your body really.

KFC for breakfast

”You can bring the order to campsite 3 at the second blue tent next to the bathrooms”

One of our members actually tried to order his food at thuisbezorgd.nl (A famous Dutch food delivery company part of Takeaway.com). We are very curious how that would have been. Not only ordering it but also for the delivery guy and festival security. ”What the heck I need to deliver at Defqon 1. Festival?” or ‘‘Yeah I have this delivery guy here and he says he needs to deliver food to a visitor at campsite 3, can he go?”. It must have been a fun experience for everyone involved for sure! Let us know the full story Sanni van Polen, we’re curious!

We would like to thank Jorn for making this post, it is fun to read everyone’s opinions on this common shared struggle. Let’s hope the bigger organisations find a way to introduce some fastfood to their campsite menu!

The pictures used for this article are from the Defqon 1. and IntentsCity Facebook Pages.