The favorite Qlimax anthems by The Dedicated!

Last weekend the biggest indoor event of the year took place, it was time for Qlimax! Every year people from all over the world come to Qlimax to enjoy his or her dose of Hardstyle and the overwhelming show. For years Qlimax has been de leading events looking at the show they put up.

One of the major parts of the show is when the anthem of that year is played. Every year it is a big mystery who is creating the anthem. A project that only a few elite artists got the opportunity to do.

Once again we are looking for your favorite anthems for our Spotify playlist ‘Dedicated to Hardstyle Anthems’. For the first time, people could choose their favorite Qlimax anthems for the playlist, below is the top 5 of the poll we did in our Facebook group.

Qlimax Anthems poll 2018

Without a doubt Headhunterz did very well on creating the absolute favorite anthem already 11 years ago. With 220 votes he has 43% of all 505 votes!  Let’s all take a moment to enjoy that anthem:

We will add the respectively 2nd spot Next Dimensional World as well as 3rd place The Source code of Creation to our Anthem Spotify Playlist as well!