Serious Hardstyle Request resulted in a bigger amount than last year!

Over the past months, we have been uniting the hardstyle scene to collect money for charity. Like last year we choose to unite for Dutch charity event Serious Request. The event was changed quite a bit and this resulted in the fact we would be helping out three different causes instead of one.

It is with great pleasure to tell you we have collected €1347,67 for each of the different causes! With support from many different organisations, labels and artists it has been a great success again this year and we couldn’t be more proud of our scene for making this happen!

Thank you hardstyle scene for uniting with us again to collect money for Dutch charity event Serious Request. Without a doubt, we will try to do so again in 2019 and do it even bigger. So if you’re already interested? Make sure to subscribe for our newsletter and/or attend our new event already on Facebook: We Will Unite Hardstyle in 2019!