ITS A WRAP! First estimated amount of money collected is in…

After almost 4 months of preparations and auctioning the hardstyle scene united once again. After the success of our first event in 2018 when we collected €3635 for Dutch charity event we couldn’t resist to unite again! At the beginning of september we already prepared ourselves for another event full of exclusive auctions. And we can now say that it was even a bigger success as last year.

After last years auction we wrote down quite a list of things that we should do different. The main thing on that list was having the auctions on our own platform, a hardstyle platform. A major step forward as we now were able to build things from a to z ourselves rather than only the x, y, z hosting of last year.  Obviously little more costs were involved but it was all worth it as Be-Velopment delivered a great starting point we can now keep building on.

Backstage Experiences being as exclusive as they are!

Besides our own auction website there was another major key point on our list of ‘improvements’.. the backstage experiences, or experiences in general. It was our goal to have more (backstage) experiences for auction as last year. We think these once in a lifetime moments should be made possible a bit more than usual. Not only for charity but also for the dedicated fans that deserve them! We therefor want to make a special thank you to the artists that gave us such experiences… What a success for experiences with Killshot (€300), MC Livid (€257) and Frequencerz (€210) for example. Rejecta, Thera, Bass Chaserz and Jason Payne sponsored them as well!

Thank you!

This is our first estimated final amount of money collected for Serious Request!

It is with alot of pride that we can announce to you that even at this first check for the final amount we have exceeded last year! As said we had a little more costs for our website and even with that taken off we are already at….


Within the upcoming week we will finalise the orders and receive the money from our order processing company! We will post the final amount when all orders are handled and transferred!

Thank you hardstyle scene for uniting with us again to collect money for Dutch charity event Serious Request. Without a doubt we will try to do so again in 2019. So if you’re already interested make sure to subscribe for our newsletter and/or attend our new event already…
We Will Unite Hardstyle in 2019!