#ForgottenTracksFriday was a big success once again!

Friday 1st of February was another edition of our Forgotten Hardstyle day including it’s #! Some familiar names contributed again like Eli Kokke and Byron Cook. 17 dedicated members made a total of 24 posts within our group… Out of the 24 tracks, 16 were added to our Spotify playlist, a great number as the playlist already consists of 467 tracks with a total of 37 hours.

It’s awesome to see tracks are actually returning on our time line. This means we are doing well in making them a little less forgotten, the purpose of this day!

Outlander – Our World

The overal favourite track was posted by our active and well known member Kaylee Achterhuis. If we’d only let you all listen to the melody we’re pretty sure every single person can name this one! Late 2012/early 2013 this track could be heard at all events and within probably all podcasts that were out there… Pretty sure this track got it’s fame from being part of the legendary Hard With Style Episode #16.

Thanks for sharing this track with us Kaylee! Definitely gives goosebumps all over the body listening to it…

Top contributor Pepijn Janson with 3 forgotten tracks!

This weeks top contributor was Pepijn Janson, also a well known member of our community! He contributed with 3 tracks of which 2 were added to our playlist. Vampires Dream was added two weeks ago and Pepijn posted it again last night, another track made less forgotten…

These were the contributions by Pepijn:

The Dizzorder ft. R-Tillary – Vampires Dream

K96 & Alternate ft. Tawar – Filtered Truth

Chris One – Sin City (Phuture Noize Remix)