These were the top contributors and tracks of yesterday’s #ForgottenTracksFriday

After a silence of almost one year we put effort in restarting the # for all forgotten hardstyle out there. Last year we had an overwhelming success from february until may. Over 400 forgotten tracks were posted on our timeline and added to our Spotify playlist to make sure they would be a little less forgotten! On thursday some of our members already spoke about bringing the # back and so they did yesterday… A total of 22 contributions were made by 17 members of the group (Including moderators). Here are the top contributors and contributions:

Top contributor: Eli Kokke

With three tracks Eli Kokke had posted the most forgotten hardstyle tracks. As one of the most active members of our community since the beginning we wouldn’t have thought any different. Eli has been around in the scene for many years so digging into the older and therefor forgotten tracks is not that hard for him…The tracks he posted were:
1.  Wildstylez & Ran-D – Future Shock (42)
2. E-Force & X-Pander – Liberty (10)
3. A-Lusion – No Regrets (6)

Top contributor: Wouter Schippers

Our second best contributor was Wouter Schippers. He got great response on the two tracks he posted. It is great to see people take time to post more than one forgotten hardstyle track. In the end we want to make all of them a little less forgotten so the more the better! He posted Zatox & Kronos – Fuck The System and…

”One of the most underrated anthems. Such a pity we never hear it anymore”

Top contribution: Radical Redemption & Frontliner by Jim van Dijk

With over 60 likes on his post the collab from Radical & Frontliner received most attention on yesterdays #ForgottenTracksFriday! An amazing collab by two amazing producers…not to forget completely different producers. Last week we were also surprised by something that came from one of the Frontliner livestreams. There actually is a follow up! Check out here: