Together with Gearbox we will be Dedicated to The Future of hardstyle!

Earlier this week we already announced our collaboration with Spoontech Records to support their talented artists. Today we are announcing another brand new DTH collaboration to support the future of hardstyle. Over the past years Gearbox Digital has proved to be the best label to nurture new talents, and dedicated a lot of time and effort to help their growth.
With artists like Rebelion, D-Sturb, Malice, Regain, Artifact, Ncrypta, Luminite and Rooler all starting their careers with Gearbox, it really demonstrates the commitment and power of Gearbox Digital. These artists have grown to become some of the biggest mainstage artists in our scene.

Dedicated to The Future EP

We think it is important to support the talents within our community. Many young producers share their sounds with others in our group. For those talented enough, we have big platforms ready to support their careers and help promote the music they make. Most important to our collaboration is a returning release of the Dedicated to The Future EP on Gearbox Digital. As of now you can send in your demo’s through our shared demo drop e-mail for the first EP.

The deadline for the first EP is on the 18th of March at 12:00 CET. You can send your demo’s to Please include your personal and artist Facebook page in your email

Professionals working together to support and improve your talent!

Within this collaboration there are lots of opportunities for every talent out there. Working with a professional label which believes in your view of hardstyle. They will be guiding those with potential towards that EP release. With music tutors, mastering artists and professional feedback from Gearbox management, your production skills will improve every single day.

On the other hand we will help the artists to spread their music to the fans. With our community of almost 10k hardstyle fans we can introduce people to the new talents in our scene. Besides that we will be in close communication to answer all the questions the young producers have about social media.