Parties and live-sets you will never forget!

If you could go back in time, there are probably some things you would like to do all over again. For some, this could be the day they met the love of their life or the day that they graduated from high school. On the other side, you have the people that have a memory of a festival they have been to. The crushing beats and beautiful melodies that made them never forget the time they visited this special event. Or maybe that specific DJ that played the best set they ever heard. People will never forget this party or the DJ who gave them an unforgettable experience.


Which party or live-set would you love to relive?

Jeroen Swaap thought the same about this. He came up with the question:If you could go back in time, which set or party would you like to re-do?’

Best party festival or live-set of a DJ that the community visited

Jeroen mentioned that he wants to visit the Q-Dance Feestfabriek again. This party took place in 2010 and that was the first and last time people partied until the sun came up in the Amsterdam Arena during this beautiful event. For more people, there are legendary parties or sets of DJ’s they would like to do all over again. Unlucky for them, a time traveling machine does not exist… Yet 😜


Where would you go if you had a time machine?

The many comments that followed showed that there are many events that people will never forget. Especially some events are memorable for a lot of people within the community. The same counts for Youri Toet, who mentioned the first edition of CRAFT festival and… de tijdmachine at the NDSM. Too bad, these two festivals do not exist anymore.

Comment Youri Toet






Another event that many people think is worth going back in time for is X-Qlusive B-Front. These events organised by Q-Dance are already special in its kind, but for many people the B-Front edition was golden, as Jelmer van Cranenbroek said. A lot of people in the community share this opinion. Get a feeling of the atmosphere at this event by watching the aftermovie here.

XQlusive b-front comment


The memorable experience during live-sets

Especially for the majority of the community, the live-sets are most important for them. It reminds them of that one time they had goosebumps throughout the whole set or when they went completely crazy! One live-set that blew many people away was the Black Mirror Society album showcase in the blue tent at Defqon.1 2018. During this set, Phuture Noize played an amazing set with new songs from his freshly new album. Not only did he play his new tracks here, but he also played older legendary tracks such as Fire and Suicidal Superstar.

phuture noize black mirror society album showcase defqon

Aimée Mckay thinks that Phuture Noize at Defqon is worth going back in time for as well. But, she also chooses a party that she wants to relive: HardBass The Last Formation. This edition was already the tenth time in the Gelredome and also the last one. Sadly, not everyone could enjoy the amazing sets of Ran-D, Headhunterz or End of Line. Especially that last one will remain a beautiful memory for the people who were able to experience the last hours of HardBass.


A lot of people have a specific set they love as the one of above, but Giel van Ham commented on the post with a live-set many people believe was incredible. The set of Act of Rage VS D-Sturb LIVE @Masters of Hardcore will stay in a lot of people’s mind forever. The tracks that were being played, the live mixing, this live-set had everything!

Giel van Ham Act of Rage VS D-sturb LIVE at masters of hardcore comment

Listen here to the set: Act of Rage LIVE vs. D-Sturb LIVE at Masters of Hardcore 2018


Everyone has a festival or set in mind that gives instant goosebumps. After reading this article, which party or set does give you that special feeling which will never go away?

Comment your most legendary parties or sets under the post!