Tomorrowland meets the Harder Styles

Last week the first weekend of Tomorrowland 2019 took place in Boom, Belgium. Thousands of people travelled to this magical place for an unforgettable experience. As we love the Harder styles, we follow the artists closely during their special trip throughout this weekend. Especially when artists have to perform on the biggest stage in the world, no matter who is playing there. Last year we could witness Coone as the first Hardstyle artist ever performing on the mainstage of Tomorrowland. This year it was time for Da Tweekaz to show the crowd what Hardstyle is! The first weekend they had to perform in front of a crowded mainstage and they absolutely did not disappoint us! However, this is not the only Harder Styles performance. The second weekend it was time for some Freestyle with the one and only Mark with a K!

Check out the whole set of Da Tweekaz right here! They played an amazing set which included everything, from old classics to even a GPF closing. Nothing is too crazy for the Tomorrowland mainstage!

Here is the complete set of Mark with a K and MC Chucky. As usual, Mark with a K plays his best tracks and that from other artists. He even adapts some hard tracks with some well-known pop tracks to create that special crowd feeling. But, as we can expect from Mark, he also plays some Harder tracks with a higher BPM. He even played ‘Last Resort’!


The growing influence of Hardstyle on EDM

Since a couple of years more and more artists put some Hardstyle song in their set. It was quite common that House artists such as Hardwell closed their set with a Hardstyle track. Over the past years, more artists followed this and close down their set with a Hardstyle song. Even Armin van Buuren closes his sets with a Hardstyle track. In 2017 Armin closed his set with Clockartz – ‘Luma’.

Moreover, EDM artists sometimes play a Harder track because it fits in their set perfectly. For example, Timmy Trumpet always plays some Hardstyle tracks during his crazy set. He plays tracks such as ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’ – Da Tweekaz & Code Black & Adrenalize, ‘Rockstar’ together with Sub Zero Project and a Rawstyle track ‘Do it for’ by The Purge. Especially this last one received a lot of attention because this is not a track that you would expect at the Tomorrowland mainstage. Although, Timmy Trumpet thought differently!

Here you can see this monster track being played. This shows that the Harder Styles are influencing the EDM scene. More artists who are playing Hard tracks and more Harder Styles DJ’s who are performing on the mainstage. Besides, Tomorrowland already has a Hardstyle stage for many years.

These developments raised the question in the community about who should perform next as a Hardstyle DJ on the Mainstage of Tomorrowland.


Who deserves the TML Mainstage spot?

This week DTH asked the community via a poll who should perform on the Mainstage next year. Check right here what the outcome is of this.

hardstyle tomorrowland

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As you can see, B-Front tops the poll. If we have to be honest, he does deserve this spot. He is in this scene for such a long time and he makes quality music year after year. Following the second place is Phuture Noize who will absolutely do great as well on the Mainstage with his amazing tracks.

Some people commented on the poll with their opinion about this issue. Check the comments right here the community gave on this.


Nick Nijman tomorrowland hardstyle

Nick Nijman would choose B-Front as he thinks this guy would fit the mainstage the best. This is because of the story and energy this man tries to show.

Ali Tangerli tomorrowland hardstyle

Ali Tangerli compares EDM and Hardstyle and thinks that D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Brennan Heart and maybe Wildstylez would fit the mainstage the best. For him, B-Front is one of his most favourite artists, but he is not sure if he would fit the Mainstage of Tomorrowland.

Sheila Smith tomorrowland hardstyle

Sheila Smith chose Wildstylez. This is because of the fact that he can fill the gap between EDM and HDM the best. She also thinks that Rawstyle would not fit the mainstage because even some Hardstyle fans think Raw is too much sometimes. She would prefer a bigger Hardstyle podium instead of a Hardstyle artist performing on the TML Mainstage.

Robin matthe tomorrowland hardstyle

Robin Matthé states: ‘Most logical seems Headhunterz and eventually also deserved.’

Phil macdonald tomorrowland hardstyle

Phil comments that he is surprised about Sub Zero Project not being on the list. He thinks these guys deserve the stage because of their diversity and representation of the Harder Styles.


What is your opinion on Hardstyle influencing the EDM scene? Share your thoughts underneath the facebook post of this article.