The story behind ghost production: “Malua & Kronos: ghost production unravelled”.

Ghost production is still a controversial subject in the hardstyle scene. To break the taboo around this subject, Malua and Kronos decided to give more insight into their individual creative process during their Dancefair panel “Malua & Kronos: ghost production unravelled” at the area.

We were present at this panel on March 16 to hear both their sides of the story. After the seminar, we had the honor to talk to Malua and Kronos!

We spoke with hardstyle DJ Malua about her point of view as an artist working with a co-producer.

Malua ghost production panel

There is a lot of misunderstanding and negativity around the subject ghost and co-production. In addition, female artists seem to be associated with this more often than male artists.

For example, most people don’t know the role Malua has in all of her own projects. Malua wants to break the taboo around the subject by being honest about her creative process. In the answers below you can read her message to the fans:

What is the general message you want to send out?

I did the seminar at Dancefair to give more insight into my creative process and how I work with a producer. I also want to emphasize that it’s not a black and white situation. It’s a collaboration that is finetuned with every track and studio session. I consider myself the spider in the Malua web. Within this web, multiple professionals work together and the better this network functions, the better the end product will be.

Can you explain your creative process?

Making a track involves a lot of different processes. It starts with an idea, making a melody, adding a kick, writing lyrics, taking a closer look and changing everything again. It’s a process that can take days, weeks or sometimes even months.

When the track is finished it has to be judged by the label, feedback goes back and forth, brainstorm ideas about release and artwork, maybe make a videoclip? Shoot and edit the videoclip, arrange cinematographers, designers etc.

Besides that, I do a monthly mixtape for which I also work with the designer. I generate a vision for every episode, check the promo’s, stay in touch with artists about new releases and selecting tracks. After that, I make the mixtape, add video, make Instagram cuts and do social media promotion.

So as you can see there is a lot more I do than “just performing on stage” what some people think! 

Should other DJ’s that work with a producer be transparent about this?

It’s not for me to say which artists are ghosted. But with this panel, I’m hoping to show the tip of the iceberg and motivate other artists to show the same transparency. If more artists are open about the fact they work with a producer, maybe that could be the start of ending the prejudice around ghost production and have a more tolerant scene.

We spoke with hardstyle DJ and producer Kronos about his point of view as ghost producer.

Malua and Kronos verkleind

Kronos also shared his personal story and dreams with us.

I started ghost-producing in 2016. Since I moved from Italy to Holland I made the choice to work only in the music industry. I had the chance to work for other artists, besides my own name Kronos (or my old name Jajox), and I realized how big and productive the world around ghost-production is.

When I start working with another artist, I like to be part of the project, giving my feedback and advice about the tracks. First of all, I ask the artist to introduce me to the idea he or she has got in mind. I also use to ask some examples, where I can get inspiration from. In the past, I made different styles, including Hardstyle, Hardcore, Trap, EDM etc..

It’s always pretty difficult not to make my style recognizable in these tracks. For that reason, I am always using different softwares from those I use for my own music.

One day I hope to stop doing ghost-production and be totally busy on my own music only!

Listen to Kronos and Malua their collab ‘AHAH’ on Spotify or on YouTube below:

The opinions from the Dedicated To Hardstyle groups members:

Ghost production panel crowd

Without mentioning why we asked the Dedicated to Hardstyle group members to tell what they know about ghost production and co-production in our beloved hard dance scene. We also asked their opinions about both and if it’s important that artists are honest about this to their fans. Or if they didn’t care as long as beautiful songs are made.

Ghost productie post

We got a lot of response from the community. In the post, most people agreed that as long as the artists are honest to their fans most people don’t care about the ghost or co-producers.


Sander Noordhuis his comment about this was agreed by most people.

Sander Noordhuis reactie

Some people didn’t care at all who is responsible for the music and if the artist is honest as long as they like the music (like Jelle, Tim or Stijn). Or some who care more about the performances on stage (like Sanni or Richard).

Stijn van den Boogaard reactie

Joey Cross made a good comparison between all the other things artists have to do nowadays besides producing and performing on stage.

But not everyone agreed on the above opinions:

Even some other ghost/co-producers within the group responded and explained why they would rather ghost produce and not perform themselves.

Sjoerd reacted that most people don’t even know how many male artists don’t produce their own music but, that most of the bad attention goes to the female artists.

Multiple people mentioned Warface and Triax or The Pitcher as the perfect examples of how open artists and their co-producers could be to their fans. Will others follow this example if we as community break the taboo?

For the rest of the comments go to the post about ghost and co-production in our group!

We are curious if this interview gave you a better view of what ghost and co-production are. And if your opinion about ghost and co-production changed after reading this article. Did the details change your opinion or do you have any questions or suggestions?

From which other artists would you love to hear more about this not much discussed topic?

Let us know in the comments!

Check out Kronos his latest release of 28 March below on YouTube or on your favorite music channels through: “Kronos – K Message“.

Check out Malua her latest monthly mixtape “Malua Mixtape 12 on Soundcloud” when you’re on the way or through YouTube below: