A backstage experience with the Dedicated favorite MC Livid! – SHR

MC Livid, he was voted number one favorite MC of 2017 within our #Bye2017 week. His rise to the top even got bigger throughout this year. With big bookings at Qapital, Defqon, Decibel and Loudness he really moved to bigger stages. At the same time, he also pops up on the line-ups of 2019 events already. One thing is for sure MC Livid is making a huge success out of his early MC career.

We are happy to tell you that you will have the opportunity to go with him during one of his bookings. For our charity auctions he offered a backstage experience AND a signed cap! So would you like to witness a true backstage experience from the beginning to the end of an event? Then make sure to bid on this auction!

For more information about our auction follow our Facebook event: Serious Hardstyle Request 2018.