Shockerz Events presents another edition of Origins of Raw: Darkness Evolved. Next week we will once again gather to celebrate the origins of our beloved raw hardstyle. Last year the event was held in a completely sold out Maaspoort in Den Bosch, and it looks like this year will be sold out as well! Buy your tickets here before they are sold out like last edition, 94% is sold out already!

Our reminder to the forgotten raw hardstyle of 2008-2013

Last friday another #ForgottenTracksFriday took place and people had the opportunity to participate for our Origins prices. All you needed to do was share a raw hardstyle track from 2008-2013 with us and tag the official event in the post! Some amazing tracks were posted and we’d like to share the best three with you. NOTE: This is not the announcement of the winners, winning also depends on the two other categories which you can find on top of our group timeline.

Feel Terror Cloud Your Senses by Nick Paijens

With over 15 tracks from his Spell of Sin album in our Forgotten Hardstyle playlist it would be an understatement to say that Radical Redemption is one of our Origins legends. Every week his SoS tracks are getting a reminder they deserve and so did this one get its Origins reminder. ”Waiting for the day Radical plays this track again” Nick Paijens made the wish for this track to be played next saturday! We would need keep our ears open at Chain Reaction & Kold Konexion presents Minus Is More…

Until then… get yourself pumped here:

Sanctum by Mike Damen

Back in the days the very talented Artifact actually had some releases on Gearbox Digital. The label that had an insane growth of popularity in our scene the past few years. Funny fact is that Artifact now releases on our group members favourite label of last year: End of Line. The label that also signed D-Sturb, another talented artist originally coming from the Gearbox roster. Let’s stick with that label for this reminder… WELCOME TO MY PERSONAL SANCTUM!

Mike is describing the track as: ”Kicks that go through marrow and bone in your body. The perfect dark vibe during the break. A fine melody. And kick rolls that dislocate your shoulders spontaneously. I love it”

There actually are two very interesting comments under his post. One is coming from the Gearbox Digital label boss Phil Macdonald stating ”One of our best releases ever”, do you all agree?

The other comment that definitely deserves some attention is from the one and only Artifact himself: ”Time for part 2?”
What do you think? Should he make a follow up on this legendary release on Gearbox? Let us know after you reminded yourself on the amazing part 1…

Worth Fighting For by Remco van der Putten

This track truly represents the power of Raw after the Origins era! It is the result of everything that had been growing in the years prior to that…THE DAWN OF A NEW AGE IS AT HAND!

Remco didn’t attend the very first Qapital but it says more than enough this is the track that he would like to remind us! These are his exact words when he posted the track as the Origins Forgotten Track:

”For some of you, this track might not be forgotten at all, but for me it was the first raw track I genuinely appreciated.
After listening to it at home a thousand times and asking B-Front and Adaro over and over to play it, I finally heard it live for the FIRST time in 4 years of partying at XXlerator Spotlight: B-Front

Best Qapital anthem ever, if you ask me.”

Do you agree? Is this the best Qapital anthem made? Have a listen yourself

We hope you all enjoyed reading and listening about these Origins masterpieces! Tonight we will announce the last category in which you can win one of our three prices sponsored by Origins! A lifetime access ticket to their events, VIP Tickets for this event and a merchandise pack will be gifted upcoming wednesday… increase your chances by posting in all categories so if you haven’t yet make sure to do so.

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Last year Origins was 100% sold out and tickets are selling fast, so visit now!