We kicked off the festival season at REBiRTH Festival!

This is our official REBiRTH Festival Aftermovie report. The after movie by stanbroeksteeg.nl was released two weeks ago! For the very first time we kicked off our festival season with a weekender festival. This year REBiRTH expanded their grounds with their own campsite. Thousands of people gathered to witness this amazing weekend and we can look back on this festival with the official aftermovie.

”We dedicated this to you, the festival fanatics! Who live for the weekend and claim their love for the music which they swear to defend. For the memories, new friends, the adventures and the pride. We are one big family, it’s a feeling we’ll never hide”

With the campsite grounds filled up to the max the dedicated people were ready for another festival season. You can tell by the crowds reaction when the D-Sturb Remix of Sound of the Thunder is played at the pre party. All those happy faces, those bass faces, those friendly moments. The REBiRTH Residence is a big success during it’s first year!

”You and me together we could be anything, anything…”

Let’s say the melodies from D-Sturb in this after movie are perfectly blending with the shots of people getting into the festival grounds. The atmosphere represents the feeling that REBiRTH Festival gives us every single year. That kick off of the festival season they bring to the dedicated crowd is priceless. The Mainstage was the stage for the biggest artists of our scene such as Sound Rush, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Da Tweekaz, KELTEK and D-Sturb.

Reborn with euphoric and raw hardstyle talents!

With two different talent stages bringing across different feelings and emotions the hardstyle subgenres are represented well at REBiRTH Festival. We enjoyed amazing melodies at the Reborn Euphoric stage. On the other hand we went completely crazy at the Reborn Raw with kickrolls and klaplongen! The subgenre stages were one big success on the saturday. It gives great opportunity to all the talents our scene holds!

Stepping out the comfort zone at #Beetjedansen, Relish and Feestcafe!

With hardstyle being overly available in all its different forms we might like to step out of our comfort zone every now and then. With three stages focused on other styles such as freestyle and Dutch people were able to shake their asses a bit. In the REBiRTH Festival aftermovie we see Ransom, Darkraver, Mandy and the Feest Arena with DJ Jantje.

DJ Adaro – I’m Alive (Official REBiRTH Festival 2019 Anthem)

The atmosphere of the festival is perfectly shown during the anthem within the after movie. All the residents of REBiRTH have shown their dedication, have a look yourself! The film created by stanbroeksteeg.nl has many many faces so you might even find yourself going crazy.

”Put your hands up Rebirth” by Warface at Rebellion

The Rebellion stage brings out the rawest of the raw artists. In the REBiRTH Festival aftermovie you can check artists like Warface – Heavy Artillery, Rebelion, Deetox, Rejecta, Digital Punk and many more going absolutely insane during their performance. Besides that we also see some of our team members and fellow dedicated fans crossing the screen. A big ode to the Rise of Rejecta which was part of the line-up twice and included with the E-Force collaboration ‘Kicked Out’.

”I’m a hardstyle lover, I do what I do. I got my hand on the trigger that is pointing at you. To be part of the hard you got to pay the price. This is what I do. This is my life”

It goes without saying that the classic stages have grown into popularity the past few years. One of the great examples is the reactivate stage on the Saturday. With artists like D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Crypsis, Toneshifterz and NSCLT, REBiRTH really brings out the best of the classics. Not to forget is the Recharge stage on the Sunday which brought the raw classics to the visitors. Let’s just say emotions got the extreme levels when Titan played one of the true classics ‘My Angel’.

We want to wish Titan all the best from the community and will forever cherish the music and moments he has given to us. We hope you all take several rewinds on this emotional part of the after movie.

REBiRTH Festival also takes bpm to higher levels with the Revenge stage having two days full of Hardcore artists. Witness artists like Furyan – Fatal Fields, Deadly Guns, Angerfist, Sefa, Miss K8, Partyraiser and many more!


Every year REBiRTH has an album hosting stage on sunday. This year the boys of Sub Zero Project released their first album called ‘The Contagion’. Together with invited artists like Da Tweekaz, Phuture Noize and D-Sturb they showcased their new music. Obviously this also included ‘The Contagion Live’ by the guys themselves. An amazing hosting of the main stage was completed by other artists like B-Freqz, Warface – Heavy Artillery and Ran-D. Album title track and ‘The Solution’ were added to the after movie.

”This was REBiRTH Festival 2019, thank you so much! We will return next year on April 10th, 11th and 12th. Join us at REBiRTH Festival 2020 – The Weekend”


A new location is announced for the indoor event REBELLiON by REBiRTH. With the success of the stage and brand itself it is time for a ‘secret & bigger location’. One thing is for sure, the rawest of the raw artists from the scene will reign upon every visitor.

Make sure to attend the event to be informed on all the information!