The different styles within the hard scene

Within our beautiful scene, there are quite some differences. The BPM that varies from 150 to 200… or even more! It is all possible within the harder styles. Even when taking a look at hardstyle in general, this genre contains differences as well. There are countless styles that you can hear when walking around on a festival. Despite all these different styles, the hard dance scene represents unity! The best way to describe this or even better show this is by combining the different styles in the form of collabs.


The beauty of the different styles

As said above, the different styles do not represent a gap between the different styles. In fact, the different styles very often work together in the form of a collab. This collab with two or more artists most of the times leads to something completely new and enjoyable at the same time. Job van den Elsen started a discussion in the community about these kinds of collabs. Personally, he thinks it is great to bring different artists with different styles together. It always leads to a new and unique sound.

Job Elsen post collabs

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In this post, Job van den Elsen mentions the track Elektronic Symphony by Adrenalize and B-front. For him, this track could be the best track of 2019 so far. In addition to this amazing track, he asked the community what their thoughts are on these collabs between different styles and which collabs they would like to see happen. The community responded very positively on this topic which you can read in the rest of this article!


The opinion on the collabs

Melvin Kölker stated in a comment: ‘These kinds of collabs represent hardstyle in its purest form. Therefore also likely a candidate for Track of the Year. A lot of energy and a lovely vibe! Always in for these kinds of collabs!’

Melvin Kolker collabs

It is quite clear that Melvin loves a collab between different artists with a different sound. He thinks this will always lead to a very powerful and energetic track that will lift up the vibe at any time!


What kind of collabs would you like to see?

Some collaborations between Euphoric and Rawstyle DJ’s already happened in the past. But, what kind of collabs would you like to see happen? The community responded and had some interesting, but also extraordinary combinations of artists.


Two artists that were mentioned many times are Atmozfears and D-sturb. These two are able to create uplifting melodies and powerful kicks that will make the crowd go crazy at every party. A collaboration between these two would not be a crazy idea…


Corneel Koorn agrees with Job van den Elsen that Elektronic Symphony an awesome track is. He also mentions his preferred collab which would be Thera with Myst. The great melodies of Myst in combination with the Thera kicks would definitely become an amazing song.



Of course, it is extremely difficult to come up with only one great collaboration. Remco van der Putten had the same problem, so he just mentioned five amazing combinations of artists. His extraordinary combinations of Euphoric and Rawstyle DJ’s could absolutely lead to something unique we have never heard before.



A comment on the post that many people agree with is from Job Valkenburg. He mentioned four possible collabs between Euphoric- and Raw-hardstyle DJ’s. If one of these collaborations would happen in the future, we could expect great new music coming in.


The idea of bringing different styles together by making a collab seems not that of a bad idea. Many people in the community share the idea of having unique combinations of artists working together. This will always lead to something completely new and unique!

The combinations cannot be crazy enough. Therefore, what kind of collabs would you like to see happen in the future? Mention yours under the Facebook post!