The holy grounds of Defqon.1

Last weekend the legendary grounds of Defqon.1 welcomed thousands of people for one of the best festivals of the year. Especially this edition was one that not many people will forget. One reason for this is the perfect summer weather that almost never happened at Defqon! This years edition with a lot of sunshine and no rain became a memorable edition for many people. Now, a couple of days after, the visitors recovered from their hangover and are rethinking about this amazing day or weekend! It is not a surprise that many people within the Dedicated to Hardstyle community came back from Defqon with new stories. Read in this article what the best moments were for the people in the community!

The best moments of Defqon.1

In the video above, a short recap of the Power Hour has been uploaded. In this video, you can see a helicopter doing crazy stunts above the crowd at the mainstage! This was one of those moments people will never forget. Also, people who stayed at home saw this crazy video passing by on Facebook or other socials.

Unfortunately, the endshows are not uploaded yet. However, Kimberly Nicolai already stated that she enjoyed the Endshow a lot! Especially when the classic ‘Live the Moment’ was being played. A lot of people got goosebumps during this song…

Kimberly Nicolai comment defqon


It was just for two hours, but the Spoontech set on Saturday was an amazing experience for many people!

Pim wilbers comment defqon

Glenn Cravillon comment defqon


Robin Lotter Homan had two highlights she wants to share with the community. Firstly, the set of DJ Thera ’10 years of Thera’ and secondly the floor during the set of  ‘The classics machine’. She states: ‘ When the crowd goes ‘Klaplongen’ and the people who are standing still are bouncing as well!’

Robin Lotter Homan comment Defqon


According to Ryan Douma, Frequencerz presents: ‘Get Wack’ was one big crazy madness. You could almost drown in all the confetti.

Ryan Douma comment defqon


And of course the closing act on Sunday and the following endshow!

robert van de ven comment defqon


Many people experienced an amazing atmosphere at the Indigo during the set of Prefix & Density. This one was really special because they announced that they are going to stop with this act together. Both artists are going their own way. Therefore, the vibe of the crowd during this set was incredibly good.

Denise wetzels

remco spaan comment defqon


DJ’s that play one specific track on repeat…

Mick van den nulft comment defqon


And an artist that heard his own song being played at the Blue. We can imagine that this must be an incredible feeling when you are standing in the crowd.

Levi weidmann comment defqon


New stories, new friends, new memories, every person has his or her own memory of Defqon that they will remember forever. The people in the community shared their best stories that are one by one unique. Cherish these memories and the ones that will happen in the future! 

Are there still some amazing stories that we should know about? Let us know in the comments!


Picture from the Q-Dance / Defqon.1 website.