The festival summer of 2019

It is already august and that means that the festival summer of 2019 almost comes to an end. With still some festivals to go, such as Decibel and the brand new Impaqt, it is still sad that it will end soon. Although, the indoor season will start which will never disappoint as well! With still a month to go, we are wondering what the best moments were where you laughed or maybe cried, or where you made new friends or perhaps that unforgettable live-set. Job also wanted to know this from the community. Therefore, he asked the people on Facebook to comment their best festival summer moments till now on.

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Memorable moments during the summer of 2019

Job came up with this post to ask the community what their best festival moment of 2019 was. He started off with listing four DJ sets he thought was memorable for his festival summer. A good start, but let’s see what the other people in the community shared with us!

Let’s kick off with the very first outdoor festival of the season! Rebirth already took place in April when it sometimes feels like mid-winter. However, the dedicated party people never doubt about not going to this amazing festival. Pelle Aarsborg had the same though and had a memorable experience during the set of Mind Dimension.


The hottest festivals of 2019

This year’s edition of intents was extremely hot. Not only the temperatures were rising, but the DJ sets were also lit for sure!

Sander van der Reest enjoyed the Thyron live-set at intents very much. Especially when he played his newest tracks from his album.

Romy Buijs mentioned Physika at Intents during the kick-off on Friday!


Of course, a lot of moments at Defqon.1 2019 will be mentioned! The good weather in ages made this edition unforgettable for a lot of people. This also counts for Dave Böhm who mentioned Delete VIP at Defqon.1. He said that he loved the vibe of the dedicated crowd. We must admit that a good atmosphere will lift up the party for sure!

Remco van der Putten also mentioned Delete VIP, but then the first one of the season at Rebirth festival. He enjoyed it very much because Delete picked up the old concept of his VIP live sets. In addition, he mentioned his favourite moment at Intents festival where he had to perform himself! This is absolutely a moment that he will never forget.

And some people who can’t get enough Delete during the summer! 😜

The people who didn’t attend Delete could witness an amazing DJ set from the one and only B-Front who closed down the Defqon.1 mainstage.


Countless unforgettable moments

A whole summer of great parties will not be limited to just one special moment. Maikel van Ostade mentioned seven sets that he will remember as the summer of 2019.


But… the summer is still not over!

There are still some outdoor festivals that are left. One of the best is Decibel outdoor and especially the full weekend. This year’s edition will be renewed in comparison to the previous editions. With two full festival days, the whole festival terrain will be used much better! Peter Kiers here mentioned that the best moment of this summer will happen at Decibel outdoor the weekend!


These were the best moments of the summer of 2019 until so far. We still have some great parties to go where new memories will be made. However, these moments mentioned here already describe how amazing this festival summer was. 

Do you still have some memorable moments that you would like to share? Comment them under this Facebook post.