The rise of Rejecta – Album

Since a couple of days, the brand new album of Rejecta came out on all portals. This is the first album of the artist who became extremely popular within the Hardstyle scene since last year. During his amazing first year, he announced that he was going to make a debut album. After Rejecta’s awesome tracks ‘Followed’ and ‘Deserve to Die’, the scene had been waiting with great excitement on his next tracks.

Now the moment is there to listen to the complete album of Rejecta, including 15 tracks. You can play it right here! 👇🏻


Victor Wiedeman asked the community what they think about this Album. Most of the comments were very positive, but there were also some remarks. Check in the rest of this article what the community thinks about this album!

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The best tracks according to the community

This album already contains tracks that everyone knows, but all the new ones might become even better. According to the community, there are several tracks that you should definitely listen to. The first of course is the main album track, Rise of Rejecta. For several people, this track is absolutely their favourite. The same counts for Rolf Mallens!

Rolf Mallens comment

‘Rise of Rejecta’ really is an amazing track! Although, some other people have another favourite track.

Yannick van de ven comment

Yannick Van de Ven names ‘Give a Damn’ as his most favourite track. He says: ”Give a Damn’, that kickroll and that drive in the track!’

Leon bijlsema comment

And Leon Bijlsma chooses ‘Insane Brain’ as the best track of the album.


Some people are overwhelmed by the amazing debut Album. Rejecta really is proving himself as one of the best Raw hardstyle artists at the moment. Hidde Knuiman is convinced that Rejecta is a great addition to the scene. He also says that every single track of the album amazing is. However, if he had to choose, ‘Angels in the Sky’ and ‘Other Worlds’ would be his most favourite tracks.

Hidde knuiman comment

Colin Schoenaker has the same problem when choosing his favourite track! Although, ‘Angels in the Sky’ is the best among all those amazing tracks. The only track he does not like is the ‘Rude Convict’ remix of ‘Deserve to Die’, but all the other tracks are worth gold!

Colin Schoenaker comment



The album is finally here and most of us are definitely not disappointed. Right now we can enjoy these brand new tracks and hopefully in the future, Rejecta will have more amazing music coming in!

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