The best tracks to make the crowd go crazy

Sometimes as a DJ it is difficult to find and play the best tracks that will make the crowd go crazy. At a festival or party, the different tastes of the crowd makes it extremely hard to find the best tracks to play. But when the best fitting tracks are being played, the vibe of the crowd will be amazing!

Imagine doing this on a birthday party with a crowd that is not that familiar with Hardstyle. It makes it even harder to find the best tracks and to vibe up the party. Fabian Adamek is dealing with this problem! He wants to play some Hardstyle / Hardcore bootlegs or remixes of already existing and popular songs. This in front of a crowd that almost never listens to the Harder styles!

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As you can Imagine, it is really difficult to find the best fitting tracks. Therefore, Fabian asked the community which songs they know that would perfectly fit the birthday party where Fabian has to DJ! Check out below the songs others recommended.


The best hard tracks for any party!

As a Hard dance music lover, there are numerous bootlegs and remixes of famous songs that everyone can sing along. The community responded to the question of Fabian with some amazing tracks that everyone knows!

Ged Mckeown comment

Ged Mckeown recommends ‘Brennan Heart – In the End’ as a party starter! This track is definitely a track that everyone can enjoy!

Matteo Comisso comment

The same counts for Matteo Comisso who comes up with the ‘All of Me’ bootleg by DaCompazz!

Both these tracks will absolutely make the crowd sing along. However, popular songs at the moment are also very welcome at any party. For instance, Marshmello who became famous with tracks like ‘Alone’ and ‘Happier’ could be a perfect opportunity for a great remix. Sub Sonik already did this and this is what it hears like!

Sub Sonik perfectly remixed this song into an amazing banger for any festival or birthday party! Callum Williams also thought this track should definitely be played at any party.

Callum Williams comment

The remix of Vic Menza’s ‘There’s a lot going’ on by Phuture Noize is also a good option for the Rap lovers.

Andreas Horner comment

And who doesn’t know Blue by Eiffel 65! This remix by team Blue at Hardbass perfectly fits every party!

Misjel Jansen comment



Turning up the tempo at a party

When the party is lifting up, the tempo can be adjusted a bit higher. This means that some faster tracks will take over the party! Below the post, quite some people commented with some Hardcore, Frenchcore or Uptempo tracks. One of the latest tracks that everyone knows is ‘Last Resort’ by Warface and Deadly Guns. These two producers created a remix that makes the crowd go crazy at every party!

Many people named the latest album of Rebel[ut]ion. This album contains bootlegs of different well-known tracks from the past years. Jarno Laurenssen took out one bootleg: ‘Cry for you’.

Jarno Laurenssen comment

Some Dr. Peacock tracks will definitely do it well at the party. His remix of ‘disorder’ is an amazing track that everyone can sing along.

Tomi Hakkola comment


And if this isn’t enough for you, Remco van der Putten wrote down many great tracks that will lift up the party!

Remco van der Putten comment

He even named a website where you can download free releases of remixes and bootlegs. Check it out here: Lololyrics


After all these recommendations by the community, Fabian definitely has a lot of new music that he can play at the birthday party. 

If you still think you know some amazing bootlegs or remixes, comment them under the Facebook post!