The ravers’ collection

Everyone who went to a festival still has some items from those festivals. This could just be some coins or merchandise items, but it could also be inflatables or even a tent. One thing is sure, everyone has some collection items at home from previous parties. While some put this in a box in the basement, others try to collect as much as possible. These people collect coins and stick them in a booklet, others buy and collect flags that they hang up in the living room. These people have their own way of collecting stuff that means a lot for them. That special party where you got your first sweater or that hot day where someone gave you a fan that you still have. Everyone has a different story behind every item that they have collected. Let’s check out in the coming article which items the people of the community are collecting.


No space left anymore…

Some few days ago there was a post in the DTH community about collector’s items. Job started off with this post about collecting wristbands, coins or fans. Also, he asked the community to share their collections related to Hardstyle. To kick this off, he posted a picture of Ian van der Linden’s bedroom with all the booklets/posters he had collected over the past years. As you can see in the picture underneath, this is quite impressive…

Job valkenburg post collectors items

Link to the post


As you can see, every spot on this wall has been used. Every little spot is covered with booklets and posters from many years ago, but also from recent festivals. This looks amazing, but it makes it difficult for other people in the community to surpass this… However, there are a lot of beautiful collection items from other people!


The Hardstyle collections

Mike van Bijsterveld collection 2 

The collection of Mike van Bijsterveld is impressive as well. He collected everything, from posters to coins and wristbands to beer cans.



Pepijn de Witte collection

A very popular collector’s item! Surely everyone who went to a festival still has some wristbands left at home.



Barry Kaas collection

And of course, on a hot summer day, this lifesaver is your best friend. Therefore it is not a surprise that people keep and collect these fans.



Albums from a long time ago

Frank van der Stouwe collectors items

Matt Jackson collectors items

Both these persons love to collect Albums. Even Matt Jackson has been collecting albums since 2008!



And more collector’s items!

Joery Daniels collection

Joery Daniëls loves to collect caps from every festival he goes to. He collects one cap for every festival he goes to. In this way, he has a memory of every single cap.


Not a common collection item, but AJ Hood collects Da Tweekaz ducks, flags and water bottles. Not many people will have these items at home. Therefore this collection is already quite unique!


Naomi Stuivenberg says that she has a lot of stuff at home, but she does not have enough space. She has items such as flags all stored in a box… There is only one solution to this problem, a bigger house.



There are many amazing collector’s items we have seen. Some of them have gigantic collections and some have extraordinary, but also unique collections. These collections all have different memories that will stay as long as these items are kept.

Do you still have a fun, crazy or extraordinary Hardstyle collection? Comment yours under the Facebook post!