Jeroen Swaap and his Elite contribution to our community!

On the 24th of January one of our most active members posted the following question in Dutch: ”Which dj/producer/duo do you think is underrated? With that I mean an act that did not yet play at the bigger event stages.”

With 230 total comments this was the The Elite Content of the last 4 weeks! In an earlier article we already wrote about his own opinion as well as community input on the question. You can find the article underneath:

Congratulations Jeroen Swaap! You are the very first ‘Dedicated Elite’, your input to our community has been valued as very important and so will we from now on. With your opportunity to host our first Elite playlist we hope to show our members what hardstyle means for you. Follow the playlist and get ready for the hardstyle our members like to be recognised with…

Besides that he asked this question to our community in general, he also gave his own opinion on it. Galactixx is his underrated hardstyle act. Ralf, who is playing by himself since Freek left at the end of 2018, will however play at Rebirth Festival – Reborn Stage. A great start of the festival season and hopefully for him and Jeroen he will be playing at more major festivals upcoming summer!

The community speaks: Artifact, Ecstatic and Primeshock deserve more credit for their music!

Artifact seems to be stuck as a talent on the End of Line label. He actually did release some absolute banger of tracks! He does get to play at the major events but unfortunately hardly gets his deserved spot at the main (raw) stages. Hopefully his opportunities will come in 2019!

Ecstatic, will they change their game in 2019?

The following duo has just released their album ‘Change The Game’. It got supported on social media and within our community quite a lot. This must definitely be one of the reasons their name came across that often. As an example our top contributor shared ‘Lullaby’ this week!

Primeshock – The well known talented duo rising in 2019

This duo has been around in the scene for quite some years! Blackburn was signed to Theracords and had many releases on that label already. Tracks like ‘Without Warning’ really give you an idea of what his music is like. After working together with Aeros on ‘Bomba’ which was released on Q-Dance Next the boys decided to combine forces!

Being signed with The Wishlist Agency the boys have quite the bookings for 2019: X-Qlusive, XXlerator Carnaval, Rebirth and Supersized are announced already. As the community says they deserve this and much more!