Who are the greatest talents in the scene?

Music is evolving quicker than 30 years ago. Thanks to the newest technologies, it is possible to make countless different sounds. This also counts for the harder styles in the form of Hardstyle and Hardcore that have been evolving since it’s beginning. Nowadays the music is very complex and it takes a lot of skills and expertise to create a track that amazes the crowd. Therefore, it is even more special that producers of a younger age are able to create amazing tracks.

One example of this is the rise of Rejecta last year. Out of nowhere this DJ and producer shocked the scene with his destroying kicks and uplifting melodies. His tracks were played at every event and Rejecta himself became an act worth the mainstage. Now a year later his old tracks such as ‘Followed’ and ‘Deserve to Die’ already became legendary tracks. With these great songs still in mind, this former ‘best Raw talent’ is already making an album which will be released soon.

If you already want to hear his newest tracks, check out the album showcase at Qapital right here!


Poll – Best upcoming producers at the moment.

At the moment there are many different talents within the scene. It is almost impossible to keep track of everyone’s career and to check his or her songs. Although, some of these talents are already familiar within the Hardstyle scene. According to you, there are various producing talents around that deserve more attention from the bigger crowd. To make this clear, an overview had been made by Byron Cook. He came up with a poll where the community could vote for the best upcoming producer.

Byron Cook poll talents

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As you can see, many people voted on what they think is the best upcoming producing talent. Some of these artists are already known for some people and others are unknown to the public. One thing is sure, most of these producers will be playing the bigger stages in the coming years. Keep them in mind!


The opinion of the community on these talents

The number one of the poll is Riot Shift. As some of you may know them, they already proved to be already more than just an upcoming talent. Their sound is now already familiar for many Hardstyle listeners. The same counts for Nino van Buuren who states: ‘Riot Shift is like a weird combination between Rebelion and Delete that will be performing on the bigger stages within a year.’

nino van buuren comment

Or Siebe van den Biggelaar who just says: ‘These kicks are illegal!’

siebe van de biggelaar


Thomas Weijers even mentioned a talent that is not listed in the poll. This shows that there are so many talents walking around, but they are still relatively unknown for the public. As you can see in this comment, Thomas mentions The Purge as a talent that is able to create real bangers and to fill the stages where he performs.

Thomas Weijers

Thomas also mentions Vyral, as the most original producer at the moment. When looking at other comments, it is indeed visible that a lot of people agree with this. Tim Setrodimedjo here mentions the producer in a comment saying that he is not anymore an upcoming talent. He is an absolute boss in producing, but he only deserves more public attention.

Tim comment


And some people could not pick just one talent they like!

Wendy Keizer comment


There are so many upcoming DJ’s / Producers at the moment. Some will break through this year, some within a couple of years. Only one thing is sure, every year completely new and extraordinary music will be made by these talents. Support them as you support the other producers. They also deserve it!

After reading this article about talents, which Producers do you think are becoming the newest rising stars?