Intents – Calling all superheroes

Just a couple more days and then it is time to lift up those feet again! Intents festival is taking place this weekend for the 16th time in Oisterwijk. This ‘Gezellige’ Brabantse festival has become one of the biggest harder styles festivals of the Netherlands and the world. Thanks to their amazing decors, themes, line-ups, and more, they have grown into one of the best festivals that has been sold out for the past years.

Last year was their 15th anniversary with a spectacular ’15 years experience show’ and the well-known end show. This year the organisation created a theme completely dedicated to superheroes. All these superheroes belong to a certain music genre at intents. Captain Intents as the leader of the superheroes represents all the 150+ bpm styles at intents, especially the mainstage. The other superheroes are Bionitron (Rawstyle), Lady Phoenix (Hardcore), The Demolitioner (Early Hard-/Rawstyle) and Mr. Insanity (Freestyle).

Heroes Of The Night – Listen here to the anthem of Intents 2019!

The Intents dilemma

For the party people that bought a ticket, it is quite difficult to party with each superhero. At almost every time of the day, the stages are filled with the best artists. For many people, this means they have to run from one stage to another to catch a bit of their favourite artist. Especially, during the latest hours of the festival, this even becomes more difficult because of the crowdedness and the artists playing. Sadly, the best thing is to choose between the headliners that are playing at the different stages.

Job Valkenburg made a poll in the Facebook Group where people could vote for the headliner they are going to visit on Saturday evening.

job intents poll

Link to the Poll

As you can see, there are four amazing options that every harder styles fan would like to see. Sadly, these four headliners are performing around the same time. Most people had to make a hard decision to choose one of these acts and to miss the others. Some people still did not make their decision on where to go… very understandable! To make the decision making process a bit easier, we made an overview of these four headliners which you can see right here!

D-Sturb Level 6 at Mainstage (23:15 – 23:45)

Most people voted for D-Sturb Level 6 at Mainstage from 23:15 to 23:45. It is not strange that so many people would like to see this extraordinary live-set of D-Sturb. The reason for this is the exclusiveness of this Live-set. This will be the last time D-Sturb will be performing his ‘The Next Level’ Live-set.

Sjors hartwijk (intents)

Sjors Hartwijk defines this by saying: ‘Level 6: The end of an epical series that you will never witness again.’


Delete at Fanaticz (23:00 – 00:00)

Delete is absolute a DJ that will break down the party area. With his destroying kicks, he can give that little extra power that you will need the last hour. It is already clear that this act will be an amazing end of your evening!

Nick van Leeuwen (Intents)



Partyraiser vs MKB vs NSD at Dynamite (23:00 – 00:00)

The people who want to end the Saturday evening a bit harder, Partyraiser will be there for you with MKB and NSD. Until the last minutes of the festival day, the hardest tracks will be played at the Dynamite stage. Many people commented that they have no doubt going to this promising set.

Yannick Kort (Intents)

Yannick Kort said: ‘Just close down in the hardest way possible at Partyraiser ft MKB & NSD!’

Edwin van Helden (Intents)

Edwin van Helden has no Intents Dilemma, for him easily Partyraiser vs MKB vs NSD.


Rebelion at Indoor Main (22:45 – 23:45)

At the other Mainstage which will be hosted by E-force and B-Front, Rebelion will close down the evening. After a full day of partying and dancing, Rebelion will add that extra power to make your day unforgettable. After this live-set, it is also possible to see a bit of the end-show at the outdoor mainstage. Donovan is already sure where he is going, he states: ‘Without a doubt Rebelion!’


Donovan Gunzeln (Intents)


And for the people who cannot choose…

Julian Jansen (Intents)


There are many options for everyone who is going to visit Intents festival on Saturday and Sunday. However, no matter where you will end your evening with your friends, at every stage it will be unforgettable!

The picture used for this article is from the Intents Website