The power of lyrics in a song

Most of the good hardstyle songs consist of a beautiful melody and a nice kick. However, nowadays almost all modern Hardstyle songs contain more than only electronic sounds. The producer of a track also uses vocals from a professional singer or already existing songs. Sometimes this artist uses quotes from somewhere else, such as movies, tv-shows or other programs. These quotes sometimes are not familiar among the Hardstyle lovers. Read and hear in this article some of the most famous lyrics used by Hardstyle producers!


Famous Hardstyle lyrics!

The community was asked to state their most favourite quotes/lyrics of existing Hardstyle tracks. Some of you are already familiar with these tracks, but some might be new for you. Let’s start with some quotes that the community likes.

Dylan adriaans comment lyrics

‘Until I win’ seems to be a track with a perfectly fitting lyrics according to multiple people.



Casper geerlings comment lyrics

Of course this beauty! ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ by Noisecontrollers is an amazing gold track with quotes from a famous physicist. (One of the founders of the atomic bomb)



Levon Huyghe comment lyrics

Sometimes two tracks have the same lyrics! ‘Accumulated filth’ by Radical Redemption and ‘Proximity to Extinction’ by Delete and Vazard. Both songs differ a lot from each other, but the lyrics are almost the same! Listen here to the difference between the two tracks.



Hardcore in combination with a space documentary

Colin Schoenaker comment lyrics

‘Sanctity of Space’ by Nosferatu is a legendary Hardcore track. The melody gives instant goosebumps and the vocals bind beautifully with the whole song. Extraordinary here is, that the vocal in this song a radiotalk is between the crew on earth and in space.



Hip-Hop vocals

Koen roelofs comment lyrics

Who would know that Rawstyle could be combined with early Hip-Hop! The track ‘Kill me’ by Radical Redemption and D-Sturb contains the lyrics of an old song made by 2Pac named ‘Hellrazor’ The small quote: ‘tell me Lord Can ya feel me? I keep my finger on the trigger
Cause some nigga tried to kill me’ comes back in this song before every drop.



Ian de bruin comment lyrics

And there are more songs from Hip-Hop artists that are used for Hardstyle tracks. Ian de Bruin names the vocals from ‘DMX’. For the people who don’t know who this is, check out one of their most famous tracks right here!



Even quotes from television!

Remco van der putten comment lyrics

Ophidian & Tha Playah made a track named ‘Illusions’ with vocals from Game of Thrones season three. Remco van der Putten also comments that these vocals are used in a track of Chain Reaction. So you can see, a lot of famous quotes are being used by a lot of different artists.



And extraordinary lyrics…

Davy suiskens comment lyrics

Davy Suiskens mentions Rooler – ‘Yes’. He says: ‘I can always enjoy such deep texts that really let you think’. We can’t say he isn’t right…



There are many Hardstyle songs with quotes from movies, documentaries, famous people, other artists and even more! The tracks that are listed in this article are all great, but the lyrics add that little extra to make it incredible. 

Are there still some song with lyrics that you would like to share with us? Comment yours under the Facebook post of this article!