The Defqon Anthem presented during ‘Defqon.1 The Release’

Last week was the magical moment people from all around the world had been waiting for. The brand new ‘The release show’ of Defqon.1 premiered for the first time. Many people saw what they could expect of the 2019 edition. Not only did Q-Dance release all the ins and outs of the festival, but especially everyone was excited for the new Defqon.1 anthem made by Keltek, Phuture Noize and Sefa.

Already before the release of the anthem, there were opinions formed. The opinions varied from very positive reactions to really surprised reactions. The main reason for this is the combination of DJ’s coming from different styles, deriving from Euphoric Hardstyle to Frenchcore. People were wondering what the anthem should look like and now the moment is there to hear the anthem!

As you can see in the video, the anthem of this year is nine minutes long. The song is much bigger than previous anthems which makes it unique in its kind, also because it’s the first (Defqon) anthem that takes such a long time. The opinions on this year’s anthem are very diverse. People say the song is way too long or it doesn’t give them the true Defqon feeling (yet). On the other hand, people are saying it’s a completely new way of creating a unique anthem. Three different artists with each a different sound made an anthem that truly represent the theme: ‘one tribe‘.

The opinions of the community

As you may have heard, the track contains the sound of three different DJ’s. Each DJ made a part of the anthem as it exists now. They tried to make one sound in every part of the song, but at the same time, they still try to use their own sound. One of the positive opinions was from Erik van Dam who said: ‘It shouldn’t be compared to other anthems because it’s a completely new musical work.’ He also said that the three melodies sound like one, but each with their own personal touch. For him, the anthem is something new, unique and therefore one complete musical work. He even rates the anthem with a 9!

But not all comments from the community were positive. Some of the comments were that the song is ‘too long’ and that there is ‘no Defqon feeling’. Also, many of these people said that the anthem should be divided into three separate tracks. This because of the fact that it is clear which parts were made by which DJ. On the other hand, most of these people were excited about Keltek’s part. Many people said they would have loved to see him making the anthem solo!

Here you can go to the post in our group with the anthem.

The history and opinion of three artists making the Defqon .1 anthem!

Another glorious anthem World of madness is also made by three different artists. In the community, people started comparing the current anthem to the anthem of 2012. The opinions here were clear. Everyone thought the anthem World of Madness of 2012 was the best one because of its legendary sound. On the other hand, they say it is not possible to compare these two tracks. The current anthem is made by three completely different artists while World of Madness is made by artists who already did a great collab together. Job van den Elsen explained this perfectly by saying: ‘comparing these two styles/ideas makes no sense.’ These are completely different artists with each a different sound. It makes it immensely difficult to create a song as a whole and attractive at the same time.

You can get the Defqon feeling for the anthem beforehand. But you can never completely feel an anthem before you hear it live on the event itself!

What do you think about the one tribe anthem?