Shockerz Events presents another edition of Origins of Raw: Darkness Evolved. Upcoming saturday we will once again gather to celebrate the origins of our beloved raw hardstyle. Last year the event was held in a completely sold out Maaspoort in Den Bosch and it looks like this year will be sold out as well! Buy your tickets here before they are sold out like last edition, 94% is sold out already!

We hereby present to you the winners of the Origins of Raw prices and their stories!

This is the Origins of Raw from Remco van der Putten

Remco van der Putten is the winner of the lifetime ticket to Origins of Raw events! Congratulations Remco, your Origins with raw hardstyle has been really cool to read and we thank you for your posts! We would like to show all of your fellow dedicated members what your Origins of Raw looks like…

Thank you Remco for sharing these great stories with us! It’s a pleasure to get to know our members better through their own written stories. Within all three categories you made some awesome posts that really represent your Origins with raw hardstyle.

First of all you spoke about your first experience with raw hardstyle as we known it! At Reverze 2016 you were truly overwhelmed with the live set of Radical Redemption. With the first track being the legendary collaboration Radical & Frontliner you really were introduced with a track from both worlds. The ‘Melody Man’ and the ‘Raw Commander’.

The dawn of a new age is at hand!

The second post you made was in #ForgottenTracksFriday… It goes without saying that the track you choose represents the movement that was build back in the Origins era! This track is the result of everything that had being growing around the darkness of hardstyle… THE DAWN OF A NEW AGE IS AT HAND!

Sunny days and energetic B-front tracks are the perfect festival feeling!

As said Raw (classics), Intents Festival and B-Front form the perfect combination of raw hardstyle for you! It’s obvious to say that B-Front really has formed your love for the raw hardstyle scene. There is no Origins of Raw from Remco van der Putten without B-Front being mentioned! Bob really deserves these credits as he also had five tracks in our ‘Ultimate Raw Classic’ Tournament last year! Check out the playlist we made with that tournament here:

This is the Origins of Raw from Yannieck Kort

With two very unique and nicely written posts in its own categories Yannieck also did a great shot at winning one of the prices. We would like to congratulate him with the VIP Ticket for upcoming saturday! You wrote some very cool stories thank you for that. We are sharing those below..

The first Gunz for Hire set and Theracords allstars at Dreamfields!

It was kind of a coincidence that you got to the Loudness stage at Decibel 2011 during the Chris One set. After the whole stage was already demolished you stayed their and witnessed the first Gunz for Hire set ever. It must have been very special to witness this first time. The act now had over 100+ gigs and is a major part of the raw hardstyle scene.

Besides your first experience with raw hardstyle you also memorize another label showcase that really changed the hardstyle scene as we know it today! Theracords really stood out as one of the game changers in the raw hardstyle industry. For two hours DJ Thera, Degos & Re-Done, Prefix & Density and Geck-O closed down the raw hardstyle scene.

For those who would like to listen to the set check it out here!

Byron Cook and Brutal 1.0 at The One Man Army!

Radical Redemption really put his stamp on the raw hardstyle scene. Byron Cook mentioned ‘The One Man Army’ event as his most memorable event as his Origins with raw! We therefor want to congratulate him with winning the merchandise pack sponsored by Shockerz Event. Below you find his words about the event and the translation follows below.


First of all I would like to give some context before I tell about my first full raw event.
I started listening to hardstyle around September 2013. For the first year and a half I enjoyed listening to the euphoric tracks, I honestly couldn’t listen to raw. This all changed when I visited my first hardstyle event in 2015, Knock Out! in Ahoy, Rotterdam.

Besides that this was an amazing first experience with hardstyle, I also really enjoyed the raw sets the night was closed with. Therefor this became the party that will always be most memorable to me. Through this event I actually got to know the raw side of hardstyle with amazing moments like the B-Front and Radical diss tracks.

Radical Redemption – The One Man Army

Now let’s fast forward several months. My first full raw event. About 2 weeks prior to the event I decided to join Sven van Meurs to Radical Redemption ‘The One Man Army’. Within the two months in between RR and Knock Out I really started listening to the music of Radical Redemption and fell in love with it. All of this combined made me really excited for this party with the cool concept of its album release. Something I never experienced before either.

The party had an amazing line up and album consisting of 5 CD’s with 3 of them full of new tracks! Together with the dedicated crowd this couldn’t possibly go wrong in any way.

Radical Redemption Annihilate LIVE

I enjoyed all of the sets and there were several things that really became everlasting memories in my mind. For example the curtain fall and how the crowd responded to the first track of his live act! Next to that his Annihilate LIVE set is something I’ll remember forever. The highlight of the night was during this live set when for the very first time Brutal 1.o was played. (Thank you Job Valkenburg for making this video I really watched it a lot)

To finalise the story, this evening had an continuing amazing atmosphere, especially during Radical vs Regain you could feel this when the artists showed so much energy together. I remember that during the closing set of Radical & Destructive Tendencies my legs started to feel sore. However I kept going the and closed the night in a perfect way.

Every Radical Redemption event after this I have visited including Minus Militia, and I enjoyed every one of them.

This is where my personal Origins of Raw started.

The Origins of Raw! Enjoy our Spotify playlist and get ready for Darkness Evolved…