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This is the Origins of Raw from Christopher Rossi aka Rooler

Under recent posts surrounding our Origins of Raw prices we’ve noticed quite some activity from Christopher Rossi also known as Rooler. Therefore we thought it be nice to ask him some questions about his Origins with raw hardstyle! Thank you for doing this, it’s great that you want to share your story with us. It gives a nice view of how this era influenced nowadays artists as well. 

First of all when did you get in touch with hardstyle in general?

Well everything started around 2007 when I first heard some Italian oldschool dance music, like Roberto Molinaro or Gabry Ponte or Gigi D’Agostino. It’s not hardstyle as we know it now of course, but back then it was such a weird and hard type of music. After that, a classmate of mine, seen my interest in that music, made me see some Patrick Jumpen videos, where he was dancing Jumpstyle.

This music was clearly an early version of what we know now as Freestyle. Ruthless, Darkraver, Coone etc. So I’d say that was my first approach to this kind of music, then it evolved with HHZ, Noisecontrollers, Pitcher, etc.

I started to listen to raw pretty “late”, the first artists who had an impression on me were Zatox and B-Front. Back then, that was the rawest kind of hardstyle out there for me. Something that really impressed me a lot was Zatox @ Qlimax 2010, one of the best sets hardstyle has ever witnessed.

Taking a closer look at 2008-2013, what really stood out to you personally as raw hardstyle?

Some old Crypsis, or even Radical Redemption (Annihilate era, or even Spell Of Sin), or Minus Is More in general. Because that was one of the very few labels that really stood up with rawer beats back then. Here and there you have some exceptions of course, but mainly they were first bringing that really different and dirty sound.

Besides the love for the music itself we know you also visited many events! When did you witness your first raw live set? And when was your first raw hardstyle only event?

Yes that’s true, before being a DJ I was a raver and I started visiting parties around 2012.

My very first raw hardstyle party was Bass Protocol back in 2014. After that Bass Academy, Rauw Op Je Dak and others.

Which raw hardstyle event is your favourite?

My favourite raw hardstyle party was definitely Bass Protocol. Intimate location, strong line up, cheap ticket. Only problem was to reach the city lmao!

Back then Warface was playing on the second stage.. as you see I was the fanboy. This actually was one of the last performances that Triax (Remco-Jan, known from the Warface project) was still on stage! Not to long after this he decided to only keep it with producing for Warface.

What is your favourite raw memory as a visitor?

Well I don’t really know, I remember pretty much everything and back then every single thing I was doing was special. Even just meeting my heroes, or just a wave from a dj while he was playing, I was really dedicated and still am, just not fanboying with djs anymore lol.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your Origins of Raw?

Something about my Origins of Raw. Well, back then hardstyle wasn’t that sophisticated as it is today, especially raw. It was all about the vibe. So if you have the chance to listen some older tracks, it’s ok if the quality is not that good, but enjoy the good old days from a different perspective.

Thanks Christopher for sharing your experiences with your Origins of Raw! It’s always great to get to know our DJ’s a little better and find out where they found the love for our beloved scene!

Thanks for those questions, I always like to tell my story, not that it’s more special than other’s stories, but yeah. lmao.

Thanks guys, see you around xoxo

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