Community member Ivar Westhof asked which tracks people would love to hear live for the first time!

This week our member Ivar Westhof created the following post in the group!

“Which three tracks did you never hear LIVE before but would you still like to hear at a party sometime?”

So he also made his own answer to that question which is as follows:
1. Rebelion – Crowd CRTL
2. Delete – Eden (Digital Abuse Remix)
3. Radiance & Maarja – Forsaken Grounds

Let’s take a dive into his answer and share them with you!

As first he chose Rebelion – Crowd CRTL, because of that we did a background check on the track which was part of the Hybrid Warfare album by Gearbox Digital! It was played at one of the first dutch gigs of the Scottish lads at The One Man Army… check it out here:

The famous Formula EP and it’s Digital Abuse remix of Delete – Eden!

The second track that Ivar shared was Delete – Eden the Digital Abuse remix, which was part of the famous Formula EP from Delete on Spoontech Records. All there is to find would be the official release video, check it out here! It goes without saying that this EP is one of the true masterpieces from Delete when he was still releasing on his own label 7 years ago now.

Radiance & Maarja – Forsaken Grounds

As said by Ivar, he never saw Radiance play in general. Unfortunately something that will not happen anytime soon. Radiance recently made the decision to quit his career as DJ. Check out the article from Hard News about his reasons for quitting here. Speaking of the track itself Ivar mentions that this track really represents the Spoontech sound, have a listen yourself!

Community input from Sven van Raaij and Calvin Timmers!

Besides the great post in general and all the comments from all members we picked two comments to give a little extra attention. This post was made with a connection to Origins and since it will take place this weekend, we thought it be good to share the comments related to that!

First of all we think the comment from Sven van Raaij suits this weekends most wanted liveset very well! A2 Allstars will gather once more to bring us back to the Origins of their existence. Without a doubt there is one track that goes along with that… YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE!

Awesome to see that Thijs (DJ Adaro) actually takes time to reply to the obvious of upcoming weekend! Thanks Thijs…

The love for Spoontech by Calvin Timmers

Other than the obvious from Sven, we thought it be cool to also mention the opposite like Calvin’s comment! Full of Spoontech tracks including Delete – D which is part of our Dedicated to Origins playlist! It’s awesome to see the dedication that people have for certain labels and we can very well understand the need to hear some of those iconic tracks live… As neither Delete nor Vazard are on the line up it probably won’t happen at Origins but we hope you’ll enjoy the event anyway (of course we can always hope for some Delete tracks)…

See you all at Origins – Darkness Evolved!