Exclusive This Is Hardstyle items by Anthony Donner for our SHR auction!

Most people in the Dance scene already know Anthony Donner, for his various activities in the Dance scene. For the people that don’t know him already. Anthony has been the chief editor for DJ Mag and Pleasure magazine. But he is also a photographer, moviemaker and journalist.

After those journalistic adventures, Anthony decided to merge the best of both worlds and Dutch DJs came into being. For over 3 years he photographed, filmed and interviewed 200 Dutch DJs/producers and 100 dance professionals in their own living or working environment. Anthony photographed the DJ’s in a unique and playful way. The result is a 3.1-kilo book that he made on his own initiative and published under his own management. This book includes Dutch DJs from different dance streams including Hardstyle and Hardcore. After the Dutch DJ book was finished, Anthony came up with the idea to write the first book ever that’s only Dedicated To our beloved Hardstyle scene. And so the “This is Hardstyle” idea came to life!

Anthony has big plans for the Hardstyle scene. He gets input for the book from the fans. That’s why this is a unique book, made by the Hardstyle scene, for the Hardstyle scene.

During ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) Anthony Donner hosted a radio show about Hardstyle on 247Streaming. First, he interviewed Adrenalize who also played a live set after the interview. After Adrenalize his set, Koen Hulsbosch from Q-dance was interviewed about future plans of Q-dance and more. During that interview, D-Block & S-Te-Fan arrived in the studio, who also played their live set. After their live set, they got interviewed as well. During that interview, Anthony also invited Jelmer Smit from Dedicated To Hardstyle to talk about D-Block & S-Te-Fan their music and the upcoming Serious Hardstyle Request 2018 event.

When D-Block & S-Te-Fan heard about Serious Hardstyle Request they immediately responded that they wanted to participate in this project for the good cause. And just as promised they invited us to their studio two weeks ago, where we left with a complete collection of exclusive D-Block & S-Te-Fan items for our SHR auction! Not only D-Block  & S-Te-Fan promised to join Serious Hardstyle Request, but also Anthony loved the event and so he came up with some cool items for our auction too!

One of a kind This Is Hardstyle X Woed cap:

This is the first sample for the This Is Hardstyle X Woed caps (that won’t be for sale!). So if you want to have a really unique Hardstyle cap? Then check out the auction for this one of a kind This Is Hardstyle X Woed cap!

  • Very unique first sample of the This Is Hardstyle cap
  • Including a signature by Anthony

Limited Edition Dutch DJs book:

If you win this Limited Edition Dutch DJs book you will join Anthony to one of his interview appointments for the This Is Hardstyle book. In this book, only the established names in the scene get their spot. So there will be a big chance that you will be visiting one of the biggest names in the scene, or maybe even your favorite Hardstyle DJ(‘s)! (We can’t tell you which DJ(s) for now because we don’t know which date you will both have time to plan this.)

Go to the Dutch DJs auction, and if you win Anthony will give you an amazing Hardstyle day for sure!

Limited Edition Dutch DJ's Book

  • Numbered copy – 99 books are printed exclusively
  • Certificate of authenticity included
  • Luxury linen cover
  • Personalized message by the author Anthony Donner written in the Dutch DJs book

So do you want any of this two exclusive This Is Hardstyle items from Anthony? Then head over to our website real quick before the auction is finished coming Saturday!

The auction for this Limited Edition Dutch DJs book and exclusive one of a kind This Is Hardstyle cap are now live together with: exclusive custom Heart For Hard backpacka complete collection of exclusive D-Block & S-Te-Fan itemsThe Roughstate Alliance and MNO Photo itemsexclusive backstage experience with Killshotexclusive backstage experience with Jason Payne and more exclusive auction items since 17/12/2018 07:00:00. For more information or questions check out our Facebook Event: Serious Hardstyle Request 2018 or send us a private message.