Bye 2018… We will miss you!

First of all the DTH Team would like to wish you a happy new year! We hope you all enjoyed NYE at one of the many parties or with family and friends at home. 2019 is here, the last year of the 10s of this century…

Just like last year we would like to bring an ode to the year we just said goodbye to. Therefor we will be back with the #Bye2018 votings! This means we will bring you polls on which you can only vote your absolute favorite…

These were the results of #Bye2017:

Favorite record label:
1. Gearbox Digital
2. End of Line
3. Roughstate

Favorite artist:
1. Phuture Noize
2. Rebelion
3. Warface

Favorite MC:
1. Livid
2. Da Syndrome
3. Nolz

Favorite Indoor Event:
1. Supremacy
2. Radical Redemption ‘The Road to Redemption’
3. The Return of Headhunterz

Favorite Outdoor Event:
1. Defqon 1. Festival
2. Intents Festival
3. Decibel Outdoor Festival

We will add more categories this year so stay tuned!